Our Urban Eats

Modern Urban Setting

Bo Urban Corner.  Providing the best modern presentation of an Urban Eatery. Whether your in for a quick lunch, or want to savor some laptop time in a relaxed lounge environment, we have the perfect ambience for you and your friends.

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Fresh Urban Menu & Eats

We believe in fresh ingredients makes the best modern Vietnamese dishes.  We deliver on quality and convenience when it comes to traditional tastes and palettes

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Urban Nightlife

Bo Urban Corner invites you to a weekend out at the Bo Corner.  Our Venue works with local artists, musicians, and entertainers to bring the Nightlife to you, friends, family, and fellow patrons.  A host of music genres and special events and DJ's  are sure to keep you interested.  Stay tuned for nights featuring local jazz artists, original pop music, alternative, hip hop and more!

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